Van Heron Labs

Who we are and what we offer

genetics > computing > nutrient formulations

VHL harnesses multi-omics data, AI and informatics to create bio-matched nutrients to optimize cellular performance. specialize in micro-environment engineering, basal media formulations, supplements and feeds, bioreactor additives, transitioning to chemically defined culture (cell lines and microbes), transfection reagents (coming soon), and pluronic replacements (coming soon).

Basal media formulation

Expression feed formulation

Growth feed formulation

Chemically-defined transition: Ser-X

Our expertise

Matching nutrient substrates to metabolic and genetic 'fingerprints'.

The technology is applicable to any cell, tissue, or organism type, and culture/bio-manufacturing setting. The platform can also be customized to optimize key metrics of interest (growth/cell proliferation, viability, protein production/titer, etc.). Our partners span biologics production, precision fermentation, tissue culture, and precision medicine. Ask to see our supporting data for cell proliferation and gene-expression/protein production across mammalian cells and microbes. We regularly achieve multiple fold changes in titer for both cell density and protein production and reduce costs by 70-90%.

In addition, we teach our partners how to formulate and optimize in order to eliminate supplier dependence and enable greater scaling and profitability.


Facilitate a broad range of complex biologics and innovative research


Increase feasibility

Increase the probability of successfully developing cell-based products



Accelerate product dev/R&D cycle


Increase your bottom line

Drastically improve process yield and lower costs throughout the value chain


Increase ROI

Increase ROI for cell-based products


Stake new IP

Our formulations/platform can be harnessed as novel bio-manufacturing IP around your cell-based product


End-to-end optimization

By optimizing the metabolism of your cells, you optimize your bottom line, I.e. 40-900% greater yield just by changing your media or feed.

Only scalable solution

Our solutions are fully scalable and regulatory friendly, as VHL provides formulations and recommendations in lieu of physical products.

Precision nutrition as a service

We also regularly work with partners who need precision micro-environments for high-fidelity research/therapeutics testing.

Our innovative solutions extend beyond our bio-platform

Auxiliary Products/Complementary Technologies:


1. Growth additives for microbes and cell lines.

2. Expression additives for microbes and cell lines.

3. Organic pluronic replacement for cell lines.


Coming soon: The world’s first mammalian transfection reagent that’s affordable and actually good for your cells.

**We’re working hard to add new offerings to this list! Get in touch to hear more about what we have in development.**