Intelligently Designed Media Formulation in Less Time

Bio-matched nutrients have the potential to optimize cellular performance by providing growth conditions uniquely tailored at the species and strain level. VHL harnesses a proprietary platform that combines multi-omics data, AI and informatics to determine which nutrients will make the biggest impact.

Demonstrated Improvement to Growth and Performance

Demonstrated Improvement to Growth and Performance

Our optimized media formulations and media supplements are shown to improve the cell culture environment in both bacteria and mammalian cells.

Cell Density

Increase for mammalian model systems

Cost Reduction

Reduction due to streamlined media composition

Protein Output

Increases in targeted bacterial production

See our award-winning poster showing optimized supplementation in T cells: link

Personalized service with 4 customization options

Our service offerings are adapted to develop media and supplements that meet your goals for cellular growth.  We will work with you to develop achievable criteria and requirements that ensure that the end product can be translated into your current processes and workflows.

Basal media


Expression Feed


Growth Feed


Chemically Defined: Ser-X


Eliminate un-needed and costly non-defined components from your process. We give you the information to remove serum, serum replacements, recombinant factors and other extracts to aid in the transition to chemically-defined culture.

Streamlined and Comprehensive Process

No matter the end goal, we start with the same process for each service option. Then we adapt the end point to match your time and budget constraints. By building the plan together, you can be confident that you will know what to expect from the start.

Project Plan

Optimal media formulation depends on accurate inputs. We work with your team to gather the most relevant -omic data based on your specific strain or cell type and set goals for the media formulation.


Your -omic data is run through our proprietary bioinformatics platform with in-house expert analysis to determine the ideal component concentration ranges for the unique metabolism of the cells.

Formula Testing

Our laboratory scientists use their expertise in media testing to further drill down to the optimal component concentrations that ensure quality results that fit your growth and production goals.


We provide the media formula, but also go one step further. We support you in your work to protect your unique recipe and produce media or supplements for continued use with your proprietary cell lines.