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How does this work for any cell, organism, or tissue type?

Our solution targets the way energy is used in the cell, meaning more energy is used productively rather than passively. This improved metabolism improves the overall performance of the cell, regardless of the cell type. Because our analysis is based on genetic data, we can
provide these critical insights for any cell, organism, or tissue.

Are the effects accomplished with growth factors or enzymes?

No, our formulas only contain small molecules (macronutrients, micronutrients, lipids, vitamins, and minerals).

If the solution is so customized, will there have to be iteration?

The best practice would be to have dedicated formulations for key aspects of your process as our technology is designed to solve very particular challenges. However, our formulations are robust and should translate well for quite some time before an additional formulation is needed.

Are these standalone basal media formulations or supplements?

We typically design our supplements to improve the media of your choice. 

However, we do have the ability to design full media formulations. We have previously designed a fully chemically defined, xeno free media prototype for a mammalian cell line with good results.


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