Serum Reduction

Ser-X Technology

A service dedicated to fully or partially removing costly and non-defined FBS from your processes

Need to get rid of serum?

Van Heron Labs is launching a new service to help eliminate serum usage within any type of culture system. This service can be used in conjunction with our flagship platform, or as a stand-alone service.

What is it?

We’ve created a 10+ part system that will allow you to more effectively replace serum or proprietary serum replacements.


Based on your bioprocess and goals, we’ll give you the tools and knowledge you need to help substantially lower or eliminate serum within your system.

For this, we don’t necessarily need to know everything about your proprietary system and/or culture regime to help you along your journey to becoming serum-free. We’ll make the recommendations with the information we have, and you and your team can choose what and how you’ll implement our strategies to reach your goals. If desired, support through implementation is complementary.

How to get started?

Please email us to request a consultation. [email protected]