Cells are the foundation of all life, producing essential products such as therapeutics, food, and fuel.

However, current formulations for culturing and harnessing cells relies on trial and error to find the best formulations.

We start by giving the cell exactly what it needs.

Our platform streamlines this process and optimizes a cell’s capabilities by reducing unnecessary metabolic steps. By giving the cell exactly what it needs from the start, we increase cell density and titer, lower bio-manufacturing costs, and maximize efficiency

How do we do it?

Each cell has specific genetic data that we can analyze to tell us what the cell needs to perform optimally. Bioinformatics, AI tools, and chemistry allow us to find the best formula for the individual cell type in question, which increases the robustness of the bio-process and the value chain at the molecular level.

Cells' genetic data has never been used like this before.

We harness genetic data in new way, with a type of analysis that allows us to optimize a cell’s metabolism by designing the most efficient inputs to match the cell’s needs. Our technology takes the guess-work out of media and feed design.


We work in conjunction with you to assess your process and gather omics data either directly from your cells or from public databases.

We then couple our proprietary bioinformatics platform with in-house analysis to determine the optimal components and concentration for the unique metabolism of the cells.

The formula is then tested for quality and optimized.

Working together, we then assess the most mutually beneficial way to protect, produce, and commercialize your formula.

For those who want to optimize their own media:

We now offer an express version of our this service for those who simply want to obtain the list of macro and micronutrients our process identifies.

Cellular Agriculture


Cell Therapy

Gene Therapy

Precision Fermentation

Stem cell applications

Cellular Agriculture


Cell Therapy

Gene Therapy

Precision Fermentation

Stem cell Applications


Bacterial and Mammalian Cells

In mammalian cells, our technology has achieved many fold changes in growth and up to 70% reductions in cost. In microbial cells, our technology has achieved up to 90% increases in growth and many fold changes in specific gene expression/protein production, saving considerable bio-production cost. These optimizations in cell growth and specific production occur simultaneously providing evidence of beneficial metabolic reprogramming.

Mammalian Performance

310% increases in cell density - 900% with our mammalian additive and additional oxygen

Mammalian Cell Media

> 70% reductions in growth media cost

Protein Production

360% increases in specific productivity for bacteria

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Let us ‘biohack’ your system to unlock greater potential.

Our technology relies only on your cell's natural metabolism and the power of biocomputing to create healthier, higher producing, and higher yielding organic systems