Sunanda Dharmarajan, PharmD, BCMAS

Dr. Sunanda Dharmarajan is a board-certified licensed pharmacist who has great interest in life science innovation, drug development, and biotechnology. She is a lifetime longhorn as she has earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and a doctorate degree in pharmacy from the University of Texas at Austin. After graduating pharmacy school, she has gained expertise in non-sterile compounding of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), pain management, and dermatology therapies by working as a compounding pharmacist for an independent pharmacy located in the Houston, Texas area. Around the same time, she was selected as a therapeutics intern at Fannin Innovation Studio, a for-profit, early-stage, life sciences development group that aims to bridge the gap between academic research and commercialization in the Houston area. She had the opportunity to work on multiple unique projects during the tenure of her internship, including guiding senior management in the clinical decision process for an inhaled anti-infective agent that is currently in clinical trials for COVID-19! She fell in love with the life science commercialization process and decided to further pursue her interests in the life sciences.

Dr. Dharmarajan joined Van Heron Labs as an innovation consultant this past spring and has greatly enjoyed her position contributing to the development of our platform and commercialization of our technology. She has had the opportunity to work across a variety of teams but in particular, she enjoys her work within business development. As a natural integrator of people, she enjoys connecting VHL to potential collaborators and advisors who can greatly help move our technology to the next level! She hopes to leverage the valuable skills she has gained in both business development and grant writing to propel her into the next stage of her career.

In her free time, Sunanda enjoys hiking, reading, traveling around the world, cooking new vegetarian cuisines, and meditation. Be sure to connect with her, and follow our page!

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