We are a platform technology service and the idea we're working on is developing formulas for nutrient supplements that will 'biohack' metabolism in order to increase expression and cell growth/replication in microorganisms. We want to integrate this technology into biologic pharmaceutical manufacturing in order to optimize the production of biologic drugs such as insulin and other hormones and vaccines.

Biological productivity can be defined by several factors. These include things like cell growth, cell division, stress resistance and metabolic output, and the efficiency of these factors are determined in large part by nutrients. When nutrients are lacking, productivity is going to stall.

Current nutrient environments are not optimal. This means that organismal productivity is lacking, exposing an immense opportunity for innovative potential. Our technology can increase efficiency at the cellular level to drive higher overall productivity of these systems.

Our solution is to match the organismal nutrient environment to their metabolic fingerprint in order to create the most favorable conditions for cellular reproduction and to produce target products.

Our technology uses a definitive, quantitative pipeline that will allow us to harness biology in such a way as to minimize input into an organismal system and maximize output.

Our technology streamlines anabolism, enabling high cell density, high expression, and stress resistance to promote biological productivity of organism-based pharmaceutical workflows. This can be accomplished by using a proprietary formula of macronutrient ingredients at low cost.

We devise and license formulas for nutrient supplements to enable companies who utilize organism-based manufacturing systems to produce target metabolites at substantially higher production yields, significantly increasing their margins/scale.